Line & honey is an illustration studio focused on minimal, mindful design and black women. Line & honey make art prints for the home, work extensively across brands to design and illustration visual branding, and also create hand printed textiles such as our bestselling satin scarf.

We have three main intentions, the first being to show up for women of colour. Our illustrations want to show we are visible, represented and owning our narratives. Often featuring women and her plants, the illustration style is intentionally minimal and line-based - we try to use as little detail as possible to illuminate the full picture, fulfilling our second aim, to produce a soothing, mindful experience when viewed. These two things come together for the final aim, to shed light on the softer, more reflective sides of women of colour - we celebrate the versions of us not often seen.

About the founder

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As well as illustrating, Amberlee works full-time in mental health and wellbeing. She has a Master’s degree from the UCL Division of Psychiatry, and currently works as a Mental Health Adviser & Associate Lecturer in London, having built a career in mental health across various universities, NHS teams and non-profit organisations over the past ten years.

Of Jamaican heritage, her illustration practice is inspired by her day-to-day work, rooted in identity, wellbeing and the depiction of black women in soft, reflective moments. She facilitates lectures & workshops at various HE institutions on topics such as using recovery in illustration, intersectionality in art and how to balance personal narratives in the creative space. Most recently, she co-authored a paper on the intersectionality of black women, personal narratives and mental health in illustration, published in the Journal of Illustration