Muse Pouch
Image of Muse Pouch
Image of Muse Pouch
Image of Muse Pouch
Muse Pouch
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Each of the designs on line and honey pouches have their own story and their own characteristics, illustrated by thier features, their stance and their hair!

'Muse' is for the iconic woman, and is the only design that comes in the exclusive larger size. Alongside this, this pouch tells whatever story that you want it to tell. What do you see when you look at her?

Every pouch is shipped in a beautiful branded gift box.

This pouch is:
For us, by us
High quality
Black girl magic

Critical details :
Pouches are 100% cotton (55% hemp/45% linen)
Hand screen printed with a silk mesh screen, which means that no two pouches are the exact same...what you're getting is individual. Just like you.
31cm by 21cm (about the size of an A4 sheet of paper)
Hand wash only

Muse Pouch