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Image of The Life in Still Life Drawing - 28th November 2019

The Life in Still Life Drawing - 28th November 2019

Buy individual tickets or group tickets (it's cheaper!) for the next drawing session on the 28th November 2019 at the Hart Club Gallery in Southwark.

The Life in Still Life drawing workshops is a series a little different to the usual 'life drawing' set up - they are a mix between still life and life drawing. Attendees are presented with a still life composition of plants, ceramics and beautiful fabric textures, but the key difference is the presence of a model - posed with the elements of still life and therefore, a part of it.
The Life in Still Life Drawing is an art session that is comprised of the fundamentals of both life drawing and the exploration of still life.

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Still life is described as the artistic study of objects that have or have had life; usually comprised of fruits, plants and other more inanimate objects. Still life drawing and painting is a medium that has existed for centuries, although historically, it was dismissed as a serious art form and used more as an academic activity to develop skills in composition and texture. Despite this, some of our most esteemed artists have created masterpieces based on still life settings, providing us invaluable insight into how they lived in their time and what they valued most.

Held at the Hart Club Gallery, a gallery space championing neurodiversity in the arts. Hart Club’s focus is to highlight work as a means to building confidence, community and wellbeing. Our session is n the main gallery space, so there will also be the chance to view and be inspired by the current exhibition up in the Hart Club as we draw throughout the evening.


Expect soulful music, refreshments, beautifully curated still life and a wonderful art model to draw, to create a chilled environment where everything you draw is beautiful.

Image of The Life in Still Life Drawing - 28th November 2019
Image of The Life in Still Life Drawing - 28th November 2019