Commisions: creating with you in mind

Line and honey works with feeling - women of colour, plants, neutral colours and minimal lines are central to it all but feeling is what forms the narratives we create.

We believe your brand or project is more than the service you provide or product you sell, but the feeling you want people to have when they engage with you.

So what is 'visual identity'?

All the elements that your brand creates to portray the right image to us, your audience, forms your visual identity. It is a representation of you and what you want for your brand, and should make you, your product or service, instantly recognisable.

In other words, these elements are the physical building blocks and aesthetics of your brand; your logo, social media icons, packaging, business cards, or even the t-shirts you wear to your events. The consistency and strength in your brand identity is what connects you to your audience and helps build that lasting feeling.

We work with wellbeing and lifestyle brand clients to create illustrations that evoke feelings that accurately represent the brand. Illustrations for visual identity elements can include (but are not limited to):

As aforementioned, we are all about feeling and the creation of narratives, and we would love to talk about yours. Let's chat about it together.